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My Secret to Getting up with Back Pain

As simple as it sounds, trying to find a way to get out of bed can be a big a struggle for so many people.

In today’s short 2 minute video I’m going to show you my super cool way of getting up, easily out of bed without any back pain!

Everyone has their own, unique version of getting out of bed, whether it’s a weird see-saw sit-up, a re-enactment of the walking dead or simply just giving up and rolling off the edge into oblivion.

Getting up uses so many important parts of our bodies, including flexibility, core and lower body strength, balance, and coordination, so you can easily hurt your back or make your back pain worse.

Obviously rolling off the edge of your bed into oblivion isn’t the best start to the day, so here are my 6 steps you can follow for an easier way to getting up if you experience back pain. Before you try it, remind yourself that MAGIC ISN’T REAL, because honestly, you will feel like a magician when you do this…

  1. Roll onto your side in whatever way you find most comfortable. I like to push down though my outside leg and roll myself over. Usually, even the oldest of great grandmas can do this, so even if you have back pain this shouldn’t hurt.

  2. Shift your legs forward so they dangle off the bed or table.

  3. If you are one of the oldest of great grandmas that are previously mentioned, you can just hang out for a second to get your breath back.

  4. Once you are finished recovering, place your palms together with each hand pointing in the opposite direction. Push down through your palms onto your elbow on the bed/table.

  5. Push yourself upright into a sitting position.

  6. Voila!

That’s all folks! Believe it or not, small things done properly, things that you do every day like getting up, will prevent the continual little traumas in your spine that can cause back pain.

Lots of small things that we do badly daily can certainly add up to something big.

At House of Chiropractic in Albury , NSW, 2640, we can help you figure out what is causing your back pain and how to fix it. Call us on 02 6009 0999 if you'd like our help.

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