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Herniated Disc, Bulging Disc, Slipped Disc and Disc Pain

Almost everyone knows someone who has suffered from pain caused by disc problems, a herniated, slipped, or bulging disc. The pain can be so intense that many people think surgery is the only way to correct it.

Well, we have good news. Research has shown people who chose chiropractic adjustments had the same amount of relief as those who chose surgery. And what about those medications that mask the pain but fail to correct the problem? Well, research has shown chiropractic adjustments to be significantly better than many of the common drugs prescribed for back pain.*  

Why Your Back Discs Matter

Spinal discs play an essential role in your low back, connecting & nutritionally supporting the spinal bones, the vertebrae, and giving you the ability to move in many different directions.


Your discs are comprised of two major parts, an outer ring of cartilage which provides support and a jelly-like centre that allows movement. As age, injuries and mis-alignments catch up with us, the discs can deteriorate.

A herniated disc is when the middle (the jelly) of the disc breaks through the outer wall irritating a spinal nerve and causing severe pain in your back or leg, known as SCIATICA. Researchers have found this most often occurs between the ages of 35-50. A bluging disc is where there is disruption in the outer wall of the disc and the middle section, the jelly - known as the nucleous pulposis does not break through.

Top-research journal, SPINE, has recommended the use of Chiropractic adjustments for back pain.

Chiropractic Adjustments were shown to provide significantly more relief than medications

Chiropractic Adjustments have been shown to be just as effective as surgery for taking care of herniated discs*

What to do with Bad Spinal Discs?

dsic problems and sciatica.jpg

Your spinal discs stay healthy when your spine in kept in alignment, you have strong muscular support and a full back range of motion.

Walking is a safe, cheap and gentle exercise to assist in great muscular support and spinal fitness.


Chiropractic adjustments gently and effectively help restore proper range of motion in your neck, mid-back, and low back.


Combine both walking and Chiropractic adjustments and you could get back to doing the things you love sooner rather than later.

Maybe it’s time to think about having your spine checked? At House of Chiropractic, we have been seeing people with disc problems for years.  


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The problem usually begins long before the pain starts

*Science Source:

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