Our Team

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Dr Janine Adams


​I love being a Chiropractor and have for years (25 this year in fact). I still get a thrill from being a part of changing people’s health & life on a daily basis.  My parents had my spine checked by Chiropractor, Dr Bill at the age of 5 years old and I have never looked back!

The “lesson from Mum” I still live by is always ask people to stay for dinner, even if you think what you have isn’t good enough. If I could spend a week anywhere in the world, it would be in heaven with My Dad & my daughter.


I have two cats who I love love love- their names are Saint Penny, who is a black and white rascal, and a fluffy cat called Princess Polly. In fact, I love cats so much I would happily live in a house full of them and rescue them from everywhere!

I love coaching netball and last year I coached B Grade at Wodonga Bulldogs in the O & M competition. You will also find me cheering on my 2 kids in cricket, hockey, netball & basketball. Plus you just may see me on the slopes of Falls Creek tackling the Blue-ish ski runs. Such a great place of beauty, freedom and yes unfortunately for me, skiing flops!

Dr Chloe Anderson


Chloe grew up in Cranbourne and is looking forward to starting fresh in a new town, getting out into nature, meeting new people and making new friends.

Running and athletics are a huge part of her life, especially the 1500m and 5000m track events and loves cross country season too.

Chloe has a 9-month-old pup called Lisa - a foster fail whom she fell in love with and adopted. Lisa is a Bitsa and is made up of more breeds than you can count on both hands.

Her favourite teacher in high school was married to a chiropractor, and every week he told her she needed to be a chiropractor - she finally gave in and hasn't looked back!


Kaitlyn Packe

Chiropractic Assistant

Kaitlyn has many passions and is excited to combine many of them at House of Chiropractic. You will find her bright smile welcoming you when you arrive.

In Kaitlyn’s spare time, she loves to ride horses and go for trips to waterfalls. She appreciates some good wine and cheese, and is amazing with children.