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Chiropractic, Pregnancy and the Webster Technique in Albury

Over the years we have helped many women navigate pregnancy and beyond with more comfort, energy, and confidence with the Chiropractic Care we provide. There are many different techniques in Chiropractic, however there is one that can give enormous relief and power to the mother and her body during pregnancy. This technique is called the ICPA Webster Technique.

Pregnant woman being adjusted

The ICPA, International Chiropractors Paediatric Association’s mission is to “serve family chiropractors worldwide through evidence-informed practice, supporting excellence in professional skills and delivering education resources for family well-being.” The ICPA provides extensive educational seminars and support for Chiropractors worldwide. Their impact, especially through their founder’s, Dr Larry Webster and then Jeannie Ohm, can be felt by millions of patients all over the globe as their techniques and education are game changing.

One of their techniques is known for its expertise in pregnancy, although it can be used on any person who walks, as mentioned already, is called The Webster Technique. “The Webster Technique is a specific Chiropractic analysis and adjustment. The goal of the adjustment is to reduce the effects of pelvic imbalance”. (ICPA handout)

At House of Chiropractic in Albury, we have had great success with people of all ages, especially our pregnant women, with The Webster Technique. Our patients find it both comfortable and helpful, throughout all trimesters of pregnancy.

How exactly does the Webster Technique help patients?

1.      The Nervous System and Pelvic Biomechanics

Specific body contacts in the alignment process with Webster focus on:

-          The pelvic bones, specifically the sacrum and pubic bone

-          The pelvic muscles, piriformis and psoas (mainly iliacus) muscles, and also

-          The pelvic ligaments, the Sacrotuberous and also Round ligaments.

Chiropractic adjustments of the pelvis reduce nerve interference and may allow the uterus to function more effectively throughout labour and the patient to feel more at ease and comfortable. Working on the pelvis’ surrounding soft tissues, may allow the diameter of the pelvic outlet to improve to allow for optimal passage. Adjusting and creating pelvic balance allows for reduced tension in the muscles and ligaments so the baby may be more relaxed and find the optimal birthing position and mum can be more comfortable throughout the entire pregnancy.

2.      The Emotional System

Chiropractic adjustments help to balance out the autonomic nervous system, calm the sympathetics and fire up the frontal lobe. This may allow for better decision making plus a calmer and happier pregnant patient in the present and then during labour and beyond.

3.      A Different Perspective

Most of our patients come to us thinking they must do things a particular way because of their past or surrounding influences. Education is a huge role of ours to help women navigate their pregnancy. Often pregnant patients see labour, even pregnancy itself as almost a pathology, a procedure, “rather than a magical dance, woven in the wisdom of the body itself” (Jeannie Ohm).

As health professionals we have an incredible opportunity to help our patients see, potentially, another way of looking at health, at birthing and giving them every chance to bring a new generation into the world with more connectedness. Webster Chiropractors will offer support and guidance throughout pregnancy. We love helping our patients on this journey.

Webster Certification

ICPA began the Webster Technique Certification to provide Chiropractors with advanced training and a way the public could know which Chiropractors are thoroughly trained in this technique. The certification process was important for us at House of Chiropractic to attain, as we wanted our patients from Albury and Wodonga to know they are seeing a Chiropractor who is proficient and knowledgeable in this technique. Our Chiropractor, Dr Janine Adams is a Webster Certified practitioner. She has passed all the bells and whistles to provide our community with exceptional care.

Pregnant woman being adjusted

Enjoying Pregnancy?

Our goal is to create a more enjoyable, comfortable, and easier pregnancy, birth and beyond for our mothers (and baby). We love that more and more women from the Greater Albury Wodonga area are benefitting from the specific care we offer and every year more women are actively seeking assistance from us when they may have not previously considered it. So, yes, it is possible to enjoy pregnancy. If you would like to discuss this further or make an appointment, please call us at House of Chiropractic, in Albury on 02 6009 0999.

If you have found this article helpful please comment below and share it with others. "We never know how far reaching something we may think, say or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow" (BJ Palmer)


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