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How You Can Stop Your Hips Hurting After a Hard Day at Work

Twisted hips and back pain are common problems many Australian suffers daily. Our hips are not designed to spend long periods of time sitting at desks or in awkward positions for long stretches of time, both of which are common features in many work environments. As well as headaches, colds and back pain, hip pain can make going to work a living nightmare.

So, what can you do to help your hips and back or (better still) prevent future problems?

Firstly, one of the best exercises for your hips is…. Walking! Cheap, easy and effective (and your dog will also appreciate it)! Walking tones the muscles necessary to the correct functioning of the hips and back and assists greatly in rehabilitating them … and as an extra benefit improves your overall health and wellbeing!

Secondly, have your hips properly assessed. I am always surprised how long people will ‘put up with’ problems before they will have them checked out. At House of Chiropractic in Albury we assess people’s hips and backs every day. Quite often pain is the last thing to start and the first to go. Often the problem has begun a lot earlier than when someone has noticed pain. The longer you leave it, the longer it can take to correct.

Last but not least, making sure you are regularly sipping water through-out your entire day. Have a water bottle handy everywhere you go! Make sure water is easily accessible at your workplace (or home) so you don’t have to go searching. (Yes water will make a difference to your hips and back as the discs and cartilage between the bones are made up mostly of water!) The more hydrated you are, the less likelihood for injury.

By making these simple decisions and putting yourself in charge of your day, not only will this help keep you injury free but will also allow you to enjoy your work, rest & play!!

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