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Sleep Like a Rock with These 4 Simple Tips...

If you are thinking a good night’s sleep is off the cards, you aren’t alone! Every day, people talk to me about their struggles; getting to sleep, staying asleep or even being in pain in bed.

People ask me daily: is there another solution to waking up on the right side of the bed? Do I really have to buy a new mattress for some extra hours of sleep, or will I have to cope with this forever? Does it really matter what pillow I use?

If this sounds familiar, here are my easy and effective top 4 tips...

1. When you are lying on your side in bed, to ease the pressure off your hips and low back try sleeping with a thin pillow between your legs (any old thin pillow will do!). You will be surprised how this can relieve both hip pain and low back pain.

2. If you prefer sleeping on your back, try putting a thin pillow under your knees. What this position does is put your pelvis into a forward tilt and pushes your low back into the bed. Laying like this can be a major support to your low back.

3. It could be likely you’re low back is out of alignment or your hips / pelvis are twisted. This is the type of work Our Chiropractor, Janine Adams does at House of Chiropractic in Albury. She helps to re-align your spine. Your sleep can improve drastically if your alignment is improved – Less pressure, less pain, Better Sleep!

And, finally:

4. Yes, your pillow really does matter! The height of your pillow should be the same as the length between your shoulder and your ear. The wrong height pillow can cause or exacerbate, neck pain and headaches. A good night’s sleep should begin with the correctly fitted pillow, just right for you. Finding the right pillow can be difficult, so if you need help just let us know at House of Chiropractic Albury!

Here’s to some well-deserved beauty sleep –

P.S Snoring, fatigue, neck and back pain can also be products of stomach sleeping… Let me know if you have this habit you need to break!

P.P.S For more information from an experienced Albury NSW Chiropractor visit

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