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Dr J’s 12 Days of Albury Wodonga: Eateries you simply MUST try…

Food is essential.

This idea is glued to the forefront of our minds as we approach the Christmas period, adopting the personal slogan ‘I deserve to treat myself’ as a kind of mantra that we repeat whenever we find ourselves staring longingly in the window of the ice-creamery.

Ice cream

Great food is bliss.

Over 8 years ago, as a Chiropractor new to Albury Wodonga, I made it my quest to find this bliss; to find the best restaurants, cafes and the like that Albury could produce. Here, you will find 8 years of research and experimentation summed up to bring you the best food on the border.

Day 1 – Piccolo Pod, Wodonga

This pop-up container in the heart of Wodonga produces on site cooked street food, that is delicious and quick. If you are looking for an even quicker option, Zambrero on Dean Street, Albury and High Street, Wodonga are great options too. *Hint – Chikito’s are the best value at $8.90!

Day 2 – The Essential Ingredient, Dean Street, Albury

If you are looking for that special ingredient- which I often am- these guys will have it. They also sell T2 tea, which is a big win if you are a tea drinker. *Hint – Chipotle in Adobe is great to add to Mexican meat/ slow cook and they sell it here.

Jones the Grocer, Swift Street, Albury makes a great chicken Thai salad and delicious friands to have with a coffee or tea, and you can buy those extra special cheeses in their walk-in fridge. Border Whole Foods, Hume Street, South Albury is where you can buy bulk nuts, legumes, flours, and spices. *Hint – Dried sliced Australian mango is a great treat you can find here!

Day 3 – Café Musette, Young Street, Albury


If you are after a beautiful tranquil setting with fresh ingredients, Café Musette is for you. The Wolki’s have created a lovely nook to relax in whilst enjoying their local cuisine and staring at our beautiful railway station. *Hint – Check out their ‘sweet things’ by the register

Another pretty local setting is Canvas in QE2 park, with great brownies too. Actually, the best brownies ever, as voted on by my son, can be found at The Proprietor on Townsend Street. Just down from Musette is 2 Fingers, which has an inviting fireplace and great coffee to entice you on Albury’s frosty days.

Day 4 – Azotea, Dean Street, Albury

If you are after a restaurant you can go ‘adult’, then Azotea is for you. With a great menu, wonderful service and a gorgeous view you’ll soon forget about those kids. *Hint – Book! Always book and ask for a table by the window.

For those cuts of meat you need to create your own fine dining at home, Scott’s Jones Street Butchery is all over it. They make their own yummy stuff like sausages and salami, essential for our BBQs at the weir during summer.

Day 5 - Ebden and Olive, Olive Street, South Albury

This cute little eatery is tucked away but packs big punches of flavour with its seasonal changing menu. You can eat your masterful meals alongside your pooch outside if that takes your fancy. *Hint – I’ve heard their coffee if pretty good too. Right next door is Nord Bakery with Almond croissants and pretzels to fight for. My daughter has crowned them kings of the gluten free bread in our area.

Day 6 – Indian Tandoori, Dean Street, Albury

If you love Indian food, this place won’t disappoint. Fresh, fast and flavoursome. *Hint – Family favourites are the dahl makhini, naan and aloo mata tamata.

For fresh takeaway fish and chips, Borella Road Seafood has nailed it. *Hint – ask for your fish crumbed. Yum! If you want to make your own fish and chips, you can buy fresh fish here too or from the Flippin Fresh Seafood Cart. They are in West Albury on Wednesday arvos.

Day 7 – Thai Noodle Cart, Smollett Street, Albury

We have friends that drive hours just to eat here! Their Thai is authentic and fills you up with fresh, invigorating ingredients. *Hint – Their lunchtime specials are great value. For $12.95 you can get rice and a green or red chicken curry.

If you are after a great bowl of wedges to share with the kids, then The Bended Elbow on Dean Street, is the way to go. Snuggle up with the kids as they munch away, and you enjoy a quiet drink while their mouths are full.

Day 8 – Green Street, City Walk Arcade, Albury

Just behind the RTA or tax office you will find this bustling salad bar. They have a great selection of salads, warm bowls and kombucha too. Even when super busy you won’t be waiting too long. *Hint – The Santa Fe bowl is my fav and my husband loved the Tuna Omega.

Some pizza options for dine in are The Good Shed, Church Street, Wodonga and the newly made over Lake Hume Boathouse which has a huge woodfire oven. The Crust Pizza, Olive Street, Albury is also a family favourite and they home deliver too.

Day 9 – Oppy’s, Olive Street, Albury

Fresh pasta- always a hit

We are getting close to unveiling my #1 fave, and Oppy’s is right up there. Noam makes his own pasta and sauces and you can definitely taste all his TLC. Sarah at Oppy’s does an incredible job serving, plating and smiling even when they are super busy. *Hint – When available, the vanilla slice is a must. Best ever.

Taco Bells at the end of Dean Street does a great combination plate, and, if you have it in you… the fishbowl!

Day 10 – Public House, Dean Street, Albury

Jodie has made Public House hum. The re-make has lifted the venue, making it both cosy and modern with great food and cocktails. Their lunchtime specials are top value too. *Hint – Tuesday nights is 2 for 1 pizza. Make sure to book ahead!

Looking to make your own cocktails? Dan Murphy’s are always super helpful…. Especially when I was making orange margaritas for my birthday bash recently. (Don’t worry, they were healthy with freshly squeezed juice! 😉)

Day 11 – Monumental, David Street, Albury

This would be my #1 fave, except technically, I guess, ice-cream, gelato or sorbet isn’t food (some would dispute this, I know). These guys make all this goodness themselves behind their little wall and there are always new creative (some a little crazy) flavours to try. *Hint – It’s hard to go past blood orange, ginger beer or lemon, lime and bitters.

If you just keep walking down the street a little you will come across Soden’s. Around the side of the bar you will find a pool table where you can ‘exercise’ off your gelato whilst sipping a pint or a cider.

Day 12 – Frankies, Padman Drive, West Albury

Yep, my #1. Congrats to Sarah and Nate on resurrecting this beaten down old store to an incredible ‘foodie’ hangout. There is nothing bad to say about this place, except why do you guys need a day off?! From burgers with a handful of chips, to great coffee, pastries, salads and sourdough bread, all I can say is thank you for doing awesomeness. *Hint – Abi has voted their GF bread rolls the best in Albury Wodonga, and they will make them to order too. If you need a lemon tart for your birthday bash these guys will make you a ripper. (Or if you need macaroons for your son’s birthday ‘cake’ then Geoffrey Michael Pâtissier, down the Botanical Gardens end of Dean Street, make deliciously naughty ones!)

There you have it; you’re go-to guide for all things food! My 12 Days of Albury Wodonga Eateries is an essential, because not only is food important for us Chiropractors, but it’s also crucial for you to get the most out of your everyday life. What you eat has a lasting impact far beyond the lingering taste in your mouth. These locations prove that it’s possible to love what you eat AND love your body at the same time.

Here’s to treating yourself!

Dr J

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