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The 3 Most Important Things to Do After a Migraine

After feeling like you have been locked up and away from civilisation for an eternity (which may have only been hours), you can finally resurface and be human again (almost). Yes, migraines are horrible. They remove you from life. Migraines are just plain and simple yuck, yuck, yuck. If you have never experienced one, count your blessings. For those of you that suffer with migraines - or know someone who does - this is for you.

woman with migraine

After you have survived the migraine from hell, there are 3 things you MUST do. You have probably received advice or read suggestions on how to get through your migraine, but what you do after is even more important. So, read on…

The very First thing you must do is detox from any medication you have taken. This may range from over the counter pain medication, to specific prescribed medication from your GP, to injections in the emergency room. The most important thing to do is to get these out of your body. Eliminate them from your system. The 3 best ways to do this are:

  1. Exercise (something cardiovascular) – my suggestion is walking. Walking is the easiest to do after you have been locked away, and the fresh air is even more helpful. Exercise stimulates your liver, kidneys and other vital organs and helps to eliminate the drug remnants too.

  2. Drink 1 cup of fresh ginger tea daily for the next few days: Just slice up approximately 2-3cm of fresh ginger, immerse it with boiling water and add some honey to taste, then drink.

  3. Eat fibre rich foods like fruit and green leafy vegetables: fibre helps to move the passage of waste products through your bowel faster. This means that any toxins from medication that might be remaining in your bowel won’t have a chance to be re-absorbed (which can happen when you have slow bowel movements).

The Second thing you must do is hydrate yourself. Drink around 2-3 litres of good quality water for the coming 2-3 days. Increasing your water intake will help your kidneys and liver to flush out any drug remnants, and re-hydrate yourself if you have been vomiting or not eating.

And finally, the Third thing you must do, is to think about the next migraine. As much as you don’t ever want to think about having another migraine, the time to think about it is now, while you have a clear head and before the dread of another looms. There can obviously be many causes for migraines. This is the time to explore why you are getting them. If you have already been though the ‘seen my GP - got medication - no help - got a CT scan but nothing showed’ succession, then maybe consider having your spine checked. At House of Chiropractic we have been seeing migraine sufferers for years. Feel free to call us on 02 6009 0999 and have a chat, or book a time we can get together.

It might not seem like it at the time, but migraines do come to an end! Here’s to happy endings xx

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