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3 Steps to Saving Your Neck from Your Laptop…

Kids are in bed, the dishes are (almost) done, and finally you can sit down to enjoy that well-earned cuppa. With legs bent to the side on the sofa, you perch the laptop on your knees, ready to check up on your emails.What was only going to be a couple minutes quickly turns into a couple hours. You sigh, making your way to bed and wondering how that ‘time to yourself’ really went. Lying in bed, your neck feels a bit tight and achy. Oh well. It’ll be fine tomorrow….

Does this sound familiar?

The problem is, one day that tight and achy feeling just won’t go away. The neck pain becomes daily, leading to headaches, migraines or ‘fuzzy eyes’ (and several other problems too!).

You see, your neck has 7 tiny bones (cervical vertebrae) perched on top of each other. These little bones should be in an arc, a ‘C’ shape. This allows you to move freely, hold your head up and for nerves to pass through easily. For your neck to be in that arc, your eyes should be looking straight ahead (parallel to the ground) …definitely not down at a laptop or monitor!

Here are 3 steps to ensure you can check on those emails without ruining your neck!

  1. Bring the height of your laptop up; do this by placing some cushions under it, or move to a table. You will be amazed at how this will quickly take stress off your neck joints.

  2. Take regular breaks from looking at the screen, at least every 25 minutes. Your eyes are linked to little muscles underneath your skull, called the Occipitals. If you don’t give your eyes a rest, these muscles get tired and strained too!

  3. If you are regularly in a straining position looking at your laptop, your neck is most likely out of alignment. At House of Chiropractic in Albury, we fix necks! It might be worth your while to have your neck checked. After all, who wants to finish a day of hard work with a headache?

Kids are in bed, the dishes are (almost) done, and finally you can sit down to enjoy that well-earned cuppa. But this time, you are prepared. You place a couple cushions under your laptop, and book in to see Our Chiropractor Dr Janine to get your neck checked. You even take regular breaks from the screen! Bye bye headaches…. Hello healthy neck!

P.S. Just in case you were looking for us, we are located at 444 David Street Albury (just opposite KFC), or you can call 6009 099 to make an appointment.

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