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The Ultimate Hack to Back Pain Free Driving

Back Pain Free Driving is Possible...

Today I wanted to talk to you about driving.

Not any old driving, but driving BACK PAIN FREE

Now, if you experience chronic back pain, you may be thinking this is impossible and I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Well, stay tuned because this hack has already helped hundreds of back pain sufferers drive more comfortably and even drive back pain free. Too good to be true you may say, why not read on, listen up and find out. It will cost you nothing but your time.

How does driving cause back pain?

Over the last few months, I have had numerous patients ask us...

“What can I do to help with my back pain when I am driving?”. Great question.

They find that after an hour or two of sitting in the car that their back pain intensifies and often can become debilitating.

This question comes from people from all walks of life; truckies, couriers, sales reps and holiday makers just to name a few. Different reasons for travel, same problem.

Unfortunately, sitting for long periods of time, whether it’s driving or at a desk, is unhealthy for your back. Sitting will place vertical loading forces on your back, and when done repetitiously will compress your spinal discs and jam up your spinal joints.

Sitting is even worse when you add the vibrations from the road that you experience when you drive to your spine. These vibrations then accelerate or highlight even further any spinal problems you may have. Sitting plus the vibrations increases the compressive forces in your discs and joints and can cause a loss of your low back curve. Your low back curve is like a spring, it absorbs the load from the top down and bottom up. Losing your low back curve will make your problem even worse.

Will a Lumbar Support Help to Stop Pain While Driving?

Conventional wisdom suggests increasing the lumbar support in your car, if you have that facility, or if you don’t, to buy a seat support and place it over the car seat.

I have found most patients that try this, still end up with pain and exhaustion at the end of their trip. And many times, it places their low back in the very position that increases their back problems and joint loading.

It's not sounding very good, hey. So, what can you do? What is this hack to back pain free driving that I speak of?

Well, this hack does a few things. It;

- Helps to brace your stomach

- Pushes you back into your chair

- Keeps you upright, even though most car seats tend to push you forward

- Places your low back curve in a better position to cope with the compressive forces

Our Chiro Dr Janine showing the set up for back pain free driving

What Exactly can i do to drive back pain free?

What is this hack? Simply roll up a towel, or jumper or something similar. Place it under your thighs, just behind

your knees. It needs to be approximately 3-5cm high. That’s it. Simple.

Notice how you are sitting and how it holds you and pushes you back into the car seat. Make sure you keep a towel in the car so you can quickly grab it and put it under your thighs whenever you take off, whether it’s a long trip or just around the corner. Believe me, it will help you enormously. Teach your friends this hack, they will thank you.

If you need long term help with your back pain, we get great results. Simply call us in Albury on 02 6009 0999 to book. Happy pain free driving. Please share your wins in the comments below.


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