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Are Your Hips Twisted? Here’s How to Find Out…

Your hips and pelvis are the foundation of your back. Attached to them are many key components of your body; femurs (thigh bones), back bones, muscles for moving your legs, twisting, bending over, and many more. As you can see it’s pretty obvious that your hips and pelvis are super important to the functioning of your body!

It’s fairly common for people to wonder, why does it matter if my hips are twisted or rotated? What could possibly go wrong? Would it hurt, and how else might it affect me?

These are the more obvious signs that your hips might be twisted;

  • Tired legs when standing for more than 10 minutes

  • ‘Growing Pains’ in children

  • Recurring hamstring or groin problems

  • Always moving your weight from leg to leg when standing

  • An aching back

  • Stiff hips

  • Pelvic Pain

  • A lilt when walking

  • Plus many more…

Follow this easy and quick self-assessment of your pelvis to find out if it could possibly be twisted;

  1. Wearing a tight T-Shirt pulled down, stand on even ground. March on the spot 4 times. Stop marching with your feet shoulder width apart.


  3. Look down at your feet:

  4. Is one foot turned out more than the other? Yes / No

  5. Is one foot placed further back than the other? Yes / No

  6. Look down at your tummy:

  7. Does your T-Shirt twist to the side around your lower stomach? Yes / No

  8. At the top of your hips (on either side of your stomach), do you notice the front bones protruding more on one side that the other? Yes / No

  9. Find some shoes you wear on a regular basis (not sneakers). Look at the soles of both shoes. Is one more worn out than the other? Yes / No

If you answered yes to any, some or all of the above, you may have twisted hips (and be out of alignment)*. Knowing what your problem may be is a good place to start, but what should you do now?

The next step to take is to have your hips professionally assessed. At House of Chiropractic in Albury, we can help. We assess people with hip and pelvic problems, and have great success with helping to correct them. You are welcome to call on 6009 099 and schedule an appointment to find out if we can help you too!

*Broken leg and hip bones, Hip Dysplasia, Perthes Disease plus others can also cause the hips to twist

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