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Chiropractor Albury


Looking for a Chiropractor in Albury to solve your long-standing health problems?

We can help.

Are you after a caring and thorough professional?

Are you sick of test after test, yet still not knowing what is really wrong?

We can help you get back to doing what you love with an easy, affordable step-by-step program designed just for you.

Chiropractor Albury


House of Chiropractic is for you

At House of Chiropractic in Albury, we are happy to provide chiropractic care to people of all ages and levels of fitness, including babies, kids, athletes, seniors and pregnant women.


Chiropractic is natural, gentle and effective. Through hands-on adjustments of the spine,

a chiropractor can correct your misalignments, correcting the source of your pain, reducing any interference in the nervous system and allow your body to heal and repair.

You should come to us

  • If you are a trades-person who is sick of taking medication just to get by every day;

  • If you are a busy mum who doesn't have time to lie down every time you have a headache;

  • If you are an accountant or a lawyer whose neck is feeling like a big heavy bowling ball every day you continue staring at your monitor;

  • If you are a nurse and feel as bad as the patients you are looking after;

  • If you want to get back to exercise but can't because just to get out of bed is difficult;

  • If you want your health back and are sick of being sick and feeling older than you really are...

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