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Who Comes to the Chiropractor?

Is Chiropractic just an alternative way of coping with pain and inflammation or is there more to it?

During their first consultation at House of Chiropractic, over the years hundreds of people have come unsure if a chiropractor can help them. They come simply hoping. They don’t really know IF chiropractic can help their problem, or WHO they should see for their problem. The confusion surrounding which health professional to see lingers even though Chiropractic has been around since the year 1895.

So, here’s a heads up.

If you have a spine, then seeing a Chiropractor is a great choice. If you are spineless, then don’t see a Chiropractor. Simple. If you read to the end of this article, I think you will understand a little more.

Unfortunately, many people put off seeing a Chiropractor until they are in a crisis, in pain, or even worse- they only see a Chiropractor as ‘the last resort’ after trying everything else. Whether that be their GP, Physio, having CT scans, MRIs, Blood tests, nerve conduction tests, acupuncture, stretching, exercises… and the list goes on.

Woman suffering from pain and inflammation

You see, pain is often the last thing to start, long after the problem has actually begun. And pain is usually the first thing to go. Pain commonly disappears before the problem is fully corrected. It is a poor indicator of the health of your spine.

The crazy thing is Chiropractic alignments (called adjustments) are often very good at reducing or eliminating pain. And usually quite quickly. Whether that be neck pain, back pain, pelvic pain, leg pain, shoulder pain, head pain, arm pain and so on.

How is Chiropractic so good at helping with pain and inflammation?

Inflammation is the body’s response to injury (and infection or irritation). It produces swelling, redness and pain. When the spinal joints are misaligned, the joint becomes injured- they become stuck and lose their healthy normal range of motion, which produces inflammation and often the associated pain too.

Chiropractic adjustments help get the stuck joints moving, which improves the nerve function and firing as well as joint biomechanics. Thus, adjustments decrease inflammation and pain as the joint becomes healthy again and is no longer injured.

If the problem is chronic and the spinal joint has been stuck for an extended period of time, then chronic inflammation takes longer to reduce and heal. Chiropractic adjustments are incredibly effective even for these long-term chronic problems, offering hope to people with long suffering conditions.

Who comes to a Chiropractor?

- People who find it difficult to concentrate at work or whilst reading a book because of headaches: they see a chiropractor.

- People who want to be able to take their dog for a walk without shoulder or neck pain: they see a chiropractor.

- People who want to get back to the gym or their pilates class but can’t because it hurts too much: they see a chiropractor.

- People who can’t get a good night’s sleep because of a range of factors, particularly back pain or discomfort: they see a chiropractor.

- Nurses, tradies, hairdressers, lawyers, footballers, netballers, fruit fly circus performers, teachers, carers, receptionists, accountants, farmers, truckies, retail workers and more are all patients of ours. They all see our Chiropractor.

Occasionally big traumas can cause spinal problems within many of these professions, however it’s usually the accumulation of all the repetitive little things we do daily in our jobs that add up to something big. No one who has a spine is immune from spinal problems.

The earlier you have your spine checked, aligned and then kept aligned, the better. Let us know if you’d like us to check the health of your spine. Simply call us on 02 6009 0999. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Nov 08, 2023

I found this article on the various types of people who visit chiropractors quite insightful and informative, shedding light on the diverse range of individuals who can benefit from chiropractic care.


Sep 18, 2023

I found this article on the types of patients who visit chiropractors quite informative and it highlights the diverse range of individuals who can benefit from chiropractic care.


Unknown member
Sep 05, 2023

I've read the article you shared, and it provides valuable insights into the diverse range of individuals who seek chiropractic care. It highlights the importance of chiropractors in addressing various health concerns and promoting overall well-being through personalized and holistic approaches.

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