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Corrective Exercises

Typically, in Albury we see people who have chronic health problems.

Health concerns they have had for years that are debilitating. Interfering with their life and getting them down. We have found that a long-term problem requires a detailed solution.

An essential part of corrective programs at House of Chiropractic are Chiropractic Exercises.

These are to aid healing and recovery and help you hold your spinal corrections longer. It’s vital to enlist you, the patient as part of the solution. 

Your spinal exercises are part of achieving the best results possible.

We call it your 3 legged stool of great results:

Leg 1 - Spinal corrections (Adjustments)

Leg 2 - Corrective exercises

Leg 3 - Changing bad habits

We teach each of our corrective patients their own mirror image spinal exercises, determined by their examination, together with home traction specific to you and your spinal problems. Our goal is to put you in charge of your health again.

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