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Hi there. I have something for you…

I tend to find the people that click on this link are usually struggling, completely ‘sick of it’, have tried many things and need someone to look at their case thoroughly with a fresh set of eyes. So, just in case that is you, I have an offer that may just save you from going crazy with that burning feeling in your upper back, or that shoulder and neck area stopping you from having mental clarity, or your low back that is slowing you down from getting back into gardening or the gym or you take a century just to get out of bed.

I would love to offer you the Initial Consultation, Examination and any necessary x-rays for just $49 with Dr Alice and I (We are both Chiropractors, yes we are real people. That's me, Dr Janine at the top on the left, and Abi on the right, who will probably answer your call) at House of Chiropractic in Albury.

All you need to do is just call us on 6009 0999 to book and mention ‘FACEBOOK OFFER’, or fill in the request form below.

Just so you know, this is exactly what you get for $49:

1. A One on One Consultation

Where you are truly heard. You will be listened to and we will try and find out when this all begun and what may have possibly started it and what the problem really is.

2. A Thorough Examination

- A manual and digital full posture examination
- An orthopaedic assessment
- Any necessary neurological (nerve) testing
- A range of movement analysis
- Spinal, Pelvic or Hip Upright X-rays and / or motion study x-rays if necessary

3. A Detailed Explanation

- We take the time to go through with you your findings, in words you can understand
- We explain what your problem is and meticulously show you your results

4. Your Action Plan

- If we can help you, we walk you through your recommendations and the best plan to fix your problem.
- If we can't help you, we will steer you in the right direction to make sure you aren't left wondering in the wilderness.


You will find us at House of Chiropractic, 444 David Street, Albury - opposite KFC. If you call 6009 0999, mention ‘FACEBOOK OFFER’, we'd love to help you make an appointment, or simply fill in the request form above.

So that's the ‘something’ I had for you. I hope this might help you. I'm looking forward to meeting you and seeing if we can make your day shine brighter and give you some sought-after answers.


Dr Janine - Chiro

PS. You need a spine to take us up on this offer & be an Australian citizen. 
PPS. Any x-rays are plain film only. 


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