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Help Prevent a Headache by Doing These 5 Super Quick Things BEFORE You Leave Home Everyday

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We've all been there; cruising through your sunny day when suddenly the lightning strikes. A nightmare of a headache hits you harder than a truck, and you wish more than anything to get back to your near-perfect start to the day.

What can you do to PREVENT a headache?

1. Drink a glass of water as soon as you get up.

Hydration is essential, so let’s just get our first glass out of the way as soon as you get out of bed. You hear the alarm, hit stop, get out of bed, walk to the sink and drink a glass of water. Done. (Only 7 more glasses to go for the rest of the day)

2. Stretch your neck & shoulders while you are having a shower.

Let the water run over the back of your neck. Gently tip your chin to your chest and lightly pull down on the top of your head. You should feel a stretch down the back of your neck. Hold for 15 seconds. Now tip your chin up and gently push up under your chin to feel a stretch at the front of your neck and top of your shoulders. Hold for 15 seconds. If you have enough time, rinse & repeat.

3. Have some protein for breakfast.

This does not have to be difficult or take time. You could fry an egg or bacon, sprinkle some Seeds (Pumpkin, chai, sunflower, sesame, crushed linseed) onto your porridge or cereal or even put them in your smoothie. Smash some banana on toast and top with almonds or sesame seeds. You need to eat anyways, so add some protein to your brekky!

4. Stay fragrance free

Find a deodorant that doesn’t have any fragrances & steer away from commercial perfumes. Also check your washing detergent, try to buy fragrance free or make your own! (It’s way easier than you might think!)

5. Smile 😊

Ahhh a good ol’ smile should go without saying, and you should never leave home without it. It takes less muscles to smile than frown, so pull out a good one! Smiling relaxes your facial muscles and releases happy hormones.

If a headache still becomes you, your neck may be out of alignment. At House of Chiropractic, we see people with headaches all the time! Feel free to call us on 6009 0999 to schedule a time we can check your neck.

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