Posture Solutions.

How do you fix bad posture when it's too far gone?

Posture Assessment

  • Front on looking for tilts or shifts
  • Side on looking if the pelvis, rib cage or head has carried forward or backward
  • Assess for head, rib cage or pelvic rotations 

It sounds simple enough, but your head and rib cage should straight on top of your pelvis without any tilting or twisting. Just like building blocks.

You’d be surprised how many people aren’t aligned like this!

Plus from the side your ear should sit directly above your shoulder, your shoulder above your hip and your hip above your ankle.

Happy days.

What does poor posture mean?

A lot of practitioners talk about the importance of having good posture and know that poor posture is bad and good posture is, well good! But few can offer assistance towards the long-term correction of poor posture.


Having your mum or nanna or someone else yell at you to “stand up straight” is all well and good, but what if you can’t!

Poor posture is a lifetime scenario for most people. In fact, when the head is carried forward for many years and the shoulders round, there is a greater incidence of developing arthritis in the spine.

Poor posture can also affect the blood flow to the spinal cord itself, which causes disc damage and robs the muscles of oxygen affecting your daily life. Also, tendons and ligaments undergo changes that can become permanent. Thus why many individuals who have poor posture cannot correct it by themselves.

Posture can affect spinal pain, headaches, blood pressure, pulse and lung capacity.


Every patient at House of Chiropractic has regular full posture assessments. 

We perform both digital and manual assessments on new patients and regularly through patient's programs. (How good would it be if everyone in Albury received posture correction? Gosh we would be a good looking bunch, standing taller and moving freer.)




The weight of your head is more like a bowling ball than a golf ball, so holding it forward, out of alignment, puts a strain on your neck and upper back muscles. This can result in muscle fatigue and an aching neck. If it’s not corrected the tissues around the spine change shape (called deformation, it doesn’t sound good does it) and this can become permanent. Therefore it takes time to correct forward head posture.


Forward head posture can flatten the neck curve which can cause disc compression, damage and arthritis. This abnormal misalignment can also cause tension headaches.


In Albury, forward head posture is one posture we find daily and spend time on it’s correction.

The “hunch back” you see in people as they age may be common but is not normal.  The spine is failing, often deteriorating. This is called a hyperkyphosis. The earlier it’s assessed and then an action plan put into place the better.







Try to break a continuous posture every 20-30 minutes:
  • Take a break from positions that place your head in forward position where your ear is in front of your shoulder, like working on a computer

  • Regularly change positions where you are continually twisted, like on a forklift

  • Think about how you could do something differently where you are continually tilted like on a phone

What does good posture look like?

Forward Head Posture and Hyperkyphosis

How can you prevent poor posture?

The exciting news is you don’t have to try and assess posture yourself.

We can assess it for you. We are good at it.

We also fix posture. We are good at this too.

So don’t sweat it, we have you covered.


It takes much more energy to hold your body in the incorrect position, rather than hold your body in the correctly aligned position… so if your posture is bad you might be feeling pretty tired about now

We're here to help. It's what we do. We are good at it...

We'd love to see if we can help you fix your posture.

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