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Mid Back Mirror Image Exercises

Your mid back (thoracic) mirror image exercises should only be performed on the side your chiropractor recommends. They are very specific to how you are out of alignment.

These thoracic exercises are part of your Chiropractic correction program

Most of our day is spent doing the same thing over and over which can cause or exacerbate poor spinal patterns. Mirror image exercises are designed to correct, re-train and restore.

Your mid back should have a natural oval shaped curve, called a kyphosis. If this curve increases it is called a hyperkyphosis. We see and help many people at House of Chiropractic with problems with their mid back curve.

Please only do these exercises in correlation with your Chiropractic program when recommended by your House of Chiropractic chiropractor - your Albury Wellness coach.

Rib Cage Rotation

Rib Cage Shift

Rib Cage Tilt

Wall Combination

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