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How do Little People Get Spinal Problems?

From their Parents 

It’s a sad but true. Your own posture is mimicked by your children to a point that they can develop the same bad spines; forward head postures, the same dropped shoulders and the same twisted pelvis.  Even people who do like minded activities will develop the same posture patterns.  To copy is what we do best as humans, it is how our children learn and in the case of spinal misalignments (vertebral subluxation), it is how they can grow.

During Daily Life

Spinal misalignments can result from many daily activities. Knocks and falls, playground incidents, chairs pulled out from under them, sporting stacks, prolonged postures like from smartphones or playing xbox or playstation… and the list could go on.

Birth Process

Kids can also become misaligned from birth complications such as long labours, very fast labours, or forceps or caesarean delivery. It’s never too soon to introduce your kids to Chiropractic.

How Do you Know When Your Need a Kids Chiropractor?

Well, the honest answer is, you don’t.

The only way to know is to be checked. A proper spine & nervous system exam, a full posture analysis (and only if necessary, a standing spinal x-ray)

It doesn’t hurt to be checked. In fact, it’s fun.

At least you know what, if anything is going on. We think your kids will love our office and our Albury kid’s chiropractor too.

For many kids it is not until the problem has been there for years do they actually experience any pain, if any. The problem usually begins long before the pain does.

As the twig is bent so grows the tree.

Growing spines need guidance and nurturing too

How Can a Children Chiropractor Help?

Having you child’s spine checked regularly makes sense. Just like brushing your teeth makes sense. A healthy spine makes sense.

Without a healthy spine things don’t work well.

Children with correctly aligned spines will be able to reach their maximum potential – whether that’s at school, sport or socially and they will be more adaptable to daily stressors.

While research to support how effective chiropractic for children is not yet extensive, how happy parents are with results is persuasive in itself.

Starting spinal maintenance early is the key to unlocking healthy future spines for generations to come. Give us a call to find out more about our Albury kids chiropractor and how we can help you children.

What Now?

We'd love to check your children's spines

Booking them is Easy. Simply Call 02 6009 0999.

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