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Headache Solutions.

What are the most common types of headaches?

Did you know there are different types of Headaches?

The most common ones are tension type headaches, cervicogenic headaches (headaches from the neck), sinus headaches and migraines.

Unfortunately, many people who experience headaches or migraines will often give up looking for a solution, often "putting up" with headaches for years... When the solution could be just around the corner.

Cervicogenic Headaches

You will feel these in the forehead, behind the eyes, at the side of your head, underneath the back of your skull or at the back of your neck. They are often one sided but can also be felt on both sides of your head.

​Cervicogenic headaches are usually caused by the neck or upper back being out of alignment.

Daily in Albury at House of Chiropractic we help people who are suffering with cervicogenic headaches. These typically come about because of:

  • Trauma to the neck (a football injury, car accident, fall, birthing trauma or playground incident)

  • Bad habits (being on your smartphone for extended periods)

  • Poor posture (sitting at your computer for hours at a time, driving long distances).


At House of Chiropractic we want to be the headache solution team in Albury Wodonga. Consider having your spine checked at House of Chiropractic if you suffer from cervicogenic headaches.

Chiropractor Adjusting Spine.jpg

Headaches can begin quite sometime after the first misalignment occurred

Migraine Headaches


Migraines are a common presentation to our office in Albury too.

While the specific cause of migraines is unknown, patients can experience better outcomes if their spines are in alignment, removing pressure off the head and neck area.

Migraines are usually on one side of the head and will often make you feel nauseous or you may vomit. You will commonly be sensitive to light & noise.

When you visit House of Chiropractic in Albury we will perform a thorough examination.

You may need spinal x-rays to help work out what’s wrong and if Chiropractic Care could help you.

Our goal is to correct the underlying misalignment (subluxation) as well as rehabilitate the surrounding muscles and ligaments. If you need head pain help, your spine could hold the solution.

Headache Solution

​Recipe for Successful Head Pain Help…

  • Work out exactly what's wrong

  • Provide relief

  • Correct the underlying problem

  • Get your life back!

What Now?

We'd love to see if we can help you. Booking Your First Visit is Easy.

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